Dollar Dash Dated and Screens

Experience ultra frenetic four-player action in a new indie multiplayer title
Dollar Dash, developed by Candygun Games, will arrive for Xbox 360 via Xbox LIVE Arcade and for PC on March 6th, 2013, Kalypso Media announced - the PS3 version will launch on PlayStation Network soon thereafter. Dollar Dash has players in the role of a cartoon thief who must use a robust set of weapons and power-ups to grab bags of cash and deposit them in a getaway vehicle before it disappears. Dollar Dash will launch with drop-in and drop-out online and offline multiplayer for 1-4 players with online leaderboards, three laugh-out-loud game modes, 31 colourful and unique maps, and a host of trophies, crazy weapon upgrades, and customisation items and options to change the parameters of every match.
Four fresh screenshots found their way in our gallery.