Uprising 44: The Silent Shadows Goes Retail and Screens

Digital edition out now, retail version arrives later this year
Along with these screenshots, Immanitas Entertainment announced today a box version of the action game Uprising 44: The Silent Shadows, created by the Polish developer DMD Enterprise, will be sold in Q2 2013 as a special edition, with lots of bonus content. Along with a digital art book, the complete soundtrack, and a historic map of Warsaw, the special edition also includes additional download content for the game. The graphics and gameplay in Uprising 44: The Silent Shadows have also been significantly revamped compared to the download version.
Uprising 44: The Silent Shadows is a mix of fast-paced third-person shooter and real-time strategy combined with a story such has never been told. The setting of the dramatic story is Nazi-occupied Warsaw in 1944. Players lead a group of resistance fighters who have joined together with the Polish Home Army. The seemingly hopeless and unequal battle against the superior force of the enemy army leads players to numerous original settings, providing an authentic and nightmarish game atmosphere.