Refusion Available for Pre-Order

Buy Refusion now and you will be awarded with in-game title 'The Originator' as a hero who supported developers at this crucial phase of development
Gumpanela Entertainment has announced that those who pre-order Refusion will get immediate access to play Refusion Arcade Trainer - casual minigame, a Refusion Forest Retreat Screensaver with 6 different background videos with sound, the 3D Refusion Game when it first time comes alive, plus all of the following versions and updates.
Refusion Arcade Trainer is the current version of Refusion in which you will experience four different environments whilst flying in a cockpit with eight different types of airplanes, in four missions as a Human and in four missions as a Skoroman. You are a Human pilot and your task is to repel Skoroman's attack on Human base, support friendly ground units, then engage enemy units and finally ruin Skoroman's base.
The 3D Refusion Game is the next version of Refusion and is planned to be released in a couple of months.