Heavy Gear Assault Announced and Screens/Trailer

The title balances the long range battles that mecha titles are known for with the devastating melee combat Heavy Gear fans expect
Developed by MekTek Studios for PC and published by Stompy Bot Productions, Heavy Gear Assault will combine over-the-top combat with the pageantry and spectacle of gladiatorial games. The core of the game features Duelists - who pilot war machines known as Gears - battling for fame and fortune in the highly competitive, action packed sporting arenas on the interstellar planet Terra Nova. Pilots can use their winnings to invest in more advanced Gears, weapons and equipment that allow them to participate in more dangerous, hence more profitable, events. Gears are also extremely customizable from their weapon loadouts to their paint schemes.
The game utilizes a dynamic destruction engine that shows visible, physical damage to Gears and the environment. Damage to specific body parts affects performance which creates tactical options. One pilot might choose to target an opponent’s leg to slow them down. Another player could blow off an enemy's arm to force them to drop their main weapon. Even the arena can become a weapon for cunning players that use firepower to level obstacles or create their own cover.
Seven pics and a trailer have been added in our download area.