Kartuga Closed Beta Dated

Competitive pirate action MMO opens up to small group of players
InnoGames today announced that Kartuga, an action-packed MMOG based on Unity 3D and focusing strongly on cooperative PvP gameplay with several role-playing elements, will enter closed beta on February 27th, 2013. InnoGames will start with a small group of dedicated fans and then expand player numbers as the beta proceeds.
Developed by Ticking Bomb Games, Kartuga allows you to choose one of three customizable classes of ships to sail through a series of quests and missions. In Closed Beta, all three classes will be playable, along with full customization via 9 skill branches. Also, more than 20 of the game's targeted 40 ship types will be implemented. Players can already try out both PvP-modes: Domination, a variation of classic king-of-the-hill, and Destruction, a mode where a bomb has to be detonated in the enemy team's base. Furthermore, five areas of the large open world of Kartuga are accessible, enabling players to encounter NPCs and solve various quests in between PvP-matches.