Unity of Command: Red Turn DLC Released

The Mac version of Unity of Command: Red Turn requires the 1.04a update
Matrix Games has announced the PC/Mac availability of Unity of Command: Red Turn, the first DLC for Unity of Command, a turn-based strategy game developed by 2x2 Games. The story is set shortly after the events of the Stalingrad Campaign focusing on Operation Citadel, the ill-fated German attack at Kursk. The Soviet campaign features 17 scenarios, which put together tell the story of how a maturing Red Army won the war through perfecting the art of the deep operation essentially a Soviet variant of the blitzkrieg. 2x2 Games has added scenarios that cover everything from large scale operations such as Rumyantsev or Bagration, to the more confined and intricate affairs such as the Battle for Kiev in November 1943.
There are also four scenarios that have been developed specifically for multiplayer, including the tense Korsun Pocket and Operation Konrad.