Armored Core: Verdict Day Announced

Streamlined multiplayer and advanced customization options lead the charge in all-out mech battle action title
In the works at FromSoftware, Armored Core: Verdict Day is a new mech battle action game scheduled to launch this Fall, for Xbox 360 and PS3, NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe announced. You will command a squadron of advanced Armored Core mechs in a dystopian future ravaged by war. Players will form squads of up to 20 members and enlist into one of the various in-game factions to wrestle control of territories away from other players in the game's persistent multiplayer mode.
The Operator Mode returns from Armored Core V, allowing players to tactically command a squad of Armored Cores through missions by relaying real-time information to other pilots by marketing targets and setting rally points. Armored Core: Verdict Day expands the role of Operator to fully command a squad of computer-controlled Armored Core mechs, creating a brand new real-time strategic mode for the Armored Core series.