Transport Giant v1.2 Patch

JoWood has released a patch for Transport Giant, bringing this game to v1.2 - press 'read more' to view the changelog. Thanks: Blues. Be sure to check out the English/German demos if you haven't done so yet. Local Download:
  • Transport Giant v1.2 Patch (10.5 MB)
  • The following features and bug fixes are included: - Main and block signals can now be used. We recommend the careful reading of the documentation also provided for downloading! Signals are a complex subject and are by no means self-explanatory. - Computer crash caused by computer opponent -> remedied - Possible computer crash when two trains meet in parallel curves -> remedied - Computer opponent always uses the same personalities -> remedied - Storage space is periodically not released during animations -> remedied - Trains now no longer stop at level crossings - Opponents names can be changed via the file AINames.txt (no support!!!) - Various small bug fixes - Signals also available in sandpit mode - Automatic resetting of the signal system when the month changes (as a preventative measure to avoid deadlocks when signal are switched incorrectly) - Taking in of a line is now visible in the vehicle tool tip (same specifications as in the line list) - Comfortable loading of several slots with the same product (click on the last desired slot in the timetable, shift-click on product, product is filled up from right to left from the selected slot onwards – until either the beginning or an occupied slot is reached) – loading slots are numbered in the timetable for easier orientation - Damaged vehicles can be immediately and automatically replayed as an option (if a corresponding vehicle is in the depot, it is used – otherwise a new vehicle is purchased) - Acceleration of the test functions for the timetable - Long calculation times for routes with complex route networks -> now at least approximately ten times quicker - Signals cause deadlocks on a free section -> remedied - Error when searching for route (outward route is found, return route is not) -> remedied - Bug not connected stations -> remedied - Computer crash when accessing non-existent platform (as route not found) -> remedied - Computer crash trains touch (long and short) -> remedied - Plane is blocked by tracks -> remedied - Computer crash with an open timetable, if a vehicle in the timetable explodes -> remedied - Computer crash because a road crossing was at the end of a track points -> remedied - Computer crash at a railroad track/road crossing at a truck terminal exit -> remedied - Computer crash when extending a platform (timetable of an exploded vehicle and a station of the timetable was deleted and the other one was extended) -> remedied - Supra-conductor curve on a normal tunnel (no way found) -> remedied - Train in the tunnel is blocked by train in the station -> remedied - Train turns off via a changed set of points although the direction is not allowed (points were exchanged for other points) -> remedied - Strange behavior of long trains during loops with bridges and tunnels when meeting its own end -> remedied - Drifting of trucks and coaches when leaving the terminal -> remedied - Problem when a set of points is installed and is still under construction and a timetable is opened that goes over these points -> remedied - Automatic changing of the route when the track network is changed (train always searched for a new route of the shortest way if there are changes to the track network) -> remedied - Various other bug fixes If, contrary to expectations, there should be problems after the patch has been installed, we recommend the following procedure: start the game again -> now install patch 1.20 (previous game status is thereby not lost!). The previous game statuses should generally still be available.