Forge v1.04 Patch Released, New Features Unveiled

Adds new training zone vs. A.I. controlled bots, pre-game lobby, server browser, group matchmaking, expanded ability focus system with 30 new abilities and more
Dark Vale Games today issued a new patch for Forge upgrading to v1.04 this PC-only multiplayer game set in a high-action fantasy world. The patch improves on the new player experience and streamlines the process for finding and joining matches and friends. Players may now learn and improve their skills versus A.I. bots in the Training Zone and enjoy server browser and lobby systems to find their way into games. In addition, the Ability Focus System has been updated with 30 new abilities providing more depth and strategy to the fast-paced combat.
Dark Vale Games also announced that two new classes will be added to the game as well as a couple of multiplayer maps, more than 60 new class abilities, various UI improvements as well as a completely overhauled tutorial.
In related news, Forge goes on sale today as part of Steamís Midweek Madness Sale - the game is 66% off through Thursday, February 28.

Forge on PC
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