Panzer Corps Grand Campaign '45 West and v1.13 Patch Released

Panzer Corps gets the latest add-on, Panzer Corps Grand Campaign '45 West, and is updated to v 1.13
Matrix Games has issued a new patch for Panzer Corps, upgrading to v1.13 this project developed by The Lordz as a spiritual successor to Panzer General. It adds numerous improvements to the UI and the controls and features new modding possibilities. This update also includes some language fixes, adds new units and fixes the Tileset.
In related news, Grand Campaign '45 West is also available offering 5 new units including the V1, V2 and advanced jet aircraft such as the Gotha, 18 all-new scenarios that utilizes the new features implemented in Panzer Corps: Afrika Korps as well as the latest content updates. Players can import their core force from the previous campaigns, or alternatively use a preset core force and play each of the campaigns on its own or jump in at any year.