Defenders of Suntoria: Dark Sun Rising Kickstarter Campaign Underway

A tower defense game with vast amount of unusual towers, numerous upgrades and different gameplay strategies
Created by Steel Steed Studio, Defenders of Suntoria: Dark Sun Rising is a Tower Defense game with the elements of RPG (role-playing game) developed in Unity 3D for iOS and Android. Player must protect the Kingdom of Suntoria from devastating Demons and Undead invasion in a journey, featured with a controversial and cunning plot.
There is no need to construct standard towers, they are replaced by traditional fantasy characters. They divide in 3 basic classes - Wizard, Cleric and Ranger. Each of them can be evolved into powerful prestige classes with new unique abilities and attack patterns. And there is a unique and key RPG element - the Hero. With unraveling of the plot he gains levels, changes class, learns new feats, abilities and improves stats. His characteristics can be enhanced with various equipment.
Defenders of Suntoria: Dark Sun Rising will be released in May, 2013 - the Kickstarter campaign page is located here.