Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PS Vita Version Released and Screens

Transfarring is not available in this version of the game
Releasing these screenshots, Konami Digital Entertainment announced that Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, previously launched on the PSP system, is now available for PlayStation Vita. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker introduces new AI Weapons - giant unmanned behemoths that Snake must overcome to complete his mission - including airborne, tank, and mobile-fortress-style enemies that can each talk and sing during battle using VOCALOID technology.
Additionally, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker boasts extensive multi-player elements including four-player CO-OPS (COoperative-OPerationS), and a three-against-three battle, wherein six players can form teams and engage in linked battles via the Sony handheld's Ad Hoc capabilities that extend the gameplay experience allowing players to administer medical help to colleagues, share munitions, and provide defense for each other using the Snake formation to cover blind spots.