Space Interceptor Official Website

The official Space Interceptor is now live, containing info and screenshotst from this upcoming 3D space action game in the works at City Interactive (thanks: Blues). The game is also know as Project Freedom and is slated for a Q4 2004 release.
Lock-On and Destroy In the third millenium, Earth's mega-corporations have turned to colonizing the the solar system after exhausting native resources. You are a space fighter pilot contracted by one of the "good guys", a company called Project Freedom, that has maintained a decent reputation in its enterprises. You have the enviable job of going up against the ruthless competition in outer space, where everything is fair game and no laws apply. Sink your senses into relentless combat action in your heavily armed fighter ship. Deploy missiles, photon torpedoes, plasma glob launchers and lasers as you attack enemy fighters, escort your fleet and rescue fallen comrades. Your missions will take you through eye-popping settings like the asteroid belt, Jupiter's moons, and a faraway galaxy - all stunningly rendered in 3D. Incredible special effects, beautiful graphics and grand explosions enhance the experience. Fast Facts Publisher: Merscom Developer: City Interactive Platform: PC Genre: Space Arcade Combat Scheduled release: Q4 2004 Anticipated price point: $19.99 USD Expected ESRB rating: "E" for Everyone Features You are the hero as you blaze through enemy fleets around massive spaceships, tumbling asteroid fields and snaking planet-side canyons. An intuitive interface and standalone tutorial make Space Interceptor easy to play yet impossible to resist. Teeth-rattling missions include escort, strike and rescue operations. Simultaneously fire ship-to-ship missiles, ship-to-ground missiles, photon torpedoes and plasma bombs. Grand explosions create columns of light and energy that race into the dark depths of space. Astoundingly realistic environments include countless special effects and 3D sound. Space locations are painstakingly rendered from real-life data.