Germinator PS Vita Version Dated and Trailer

Character-filled twist on bubble-popping games arrives on PlayStation Network this month
Releasing a new gameplay movie, Creat Studios announced that the PlayStation Vita version of Germinator will become available in North America on March 5th and one day later in Europe. The PS3 version will launch in North America on March 5th as well - it was released in Europe on February 13th.
Germinator dismisses traditional match-three bubble popping, featuring a crazy cast of multi-colored bubble germs, each with their own personalities and traits. Local multiplayer lets players battle either their friends or the game's artificial intelligence. The "cross-save" function allows players to play on one device and continue their game on the other, PS3 to Vita, Vita to PS3. Germinator also provides Sony PlayStation Move controller support and is presented in full 1080p.