Crash 'n' Burn Fansite Kit

Eidos has released the Crash 'n' Burn fansite kit containing screenshots, logos and renders - everything you need to create a fan site. This racing game is scheduled for release this Fall for PS2 and Xbox in the US. New (beautiful) screenshots have been added in our gallery) Local Download:
  • Crash 'n' Burn Fansite Kit (12.9 MB)
  • Get ready to ignite your demolition racing curiosities! The Crash 'n' Burn website has just hit the starting line and it's ready to roll... or scroll rather! So start your engines folks, because you are about to get a taste of what intense racing and destruction are all about! If you are looking for high speed racing and the ability to utterly smash, crash, and destroy your opponents newly pimped-out cars for money, fame, and First Place..... than we have an adrenaline rush waiting for you! The Crash 'n' Burn site is now tricked out with new information, screenshots, footage and more. And it's ready to wet your appetite for destruction! Visit the Crash 'n' Burn site at because ladies and gentlemen, it's time to rev up those engines and embrace the anarchy! And don't forget to register on the site to receive the latest Crash 'n' Burn news and info; after all, you've got to stay in the running! Crash 'n' Burn is to be released this Fall on both PS2 and Xbox across North America.