Fire & Ice Bundle Released

The full 10-game pay-what-you-want bundle features a diverse mix of PC games that have never been bundled together before
Available now via Bundle Stars for a limited period, the Fire & Ice Bundle puts buyers in control by letting them decide how much they want to pay for games. For a minimum of $1.25, gamers can get their hands on two games including Tiny Troopers, which can be redeemed on Steam. But buyers who pay above a higher limit will also have immediate access to six additional games, plus two mystery bonuses set to be revealed before the bundle ends.
A percentage of Bundle Stars' profits go directly to Special Effect, a charity that enables anyone, whatever their disability, to enjoy computer games. Gamers who pay above the minimum may also find themselves rewarded in other ways. The top contributor will receive a 32-game PC CD-ROM bundle from Iceberg Interactive, with a combined value of over $800. The top five contributors will also receive beta keys for StarDrive, granting them early access to the 4X sci-fi/strategy indie game that's only currently available for pre-order. Visitors can keep track of the top contributions by following the new leaderboard feature on