Primal Carnage New Content Available and Trailer

Dinosaur game releases two free additional 'Get to the Chopper' game mode maps and waves goodbye to beta
Reverb Publishing and Lukewarm Media announced that two new Primal Carnage maps are now available for the recent objective-based scramble-for-survival game mode entitled Get to the Chopper. The first map comes in the form of a conversion of "The Falls" (a fan favorite Team Deathmatch map) into an all new Get to the Chopper themed adventure. The other map, "Ruthless", is set high up in the foreboding mountainous peaks of the Island. With this new expansion, Primal Carnage now boasts nine playable maps including two recently added objective based maps for Get to the Chopper, bringing the total to four.
The release of these two new maps also marks the end of the "Get to the Chopper" game mode's Beta period - a new trailer is now locally mirrored.