Alien Spidy Dated and Screens

Action-platformer hits Xbox LIVE Arcade, Windows PC, and Mac on March 20
Kalypso Media Digital today announced that Alien Spidy, a platform adventure game set in a 2D/3D environment with gameplay mechanics based on controlled physics, will arrive on Xbox LIVE Arcade, Apple Mac and Windows PC on March 20 - the PlayStation Network version will launch soon thereafter.
Developed by Enigma Software, Alien Spidy follows the exploits of an alien spider who has crash landed on Earth in search of his friend Virgi and the lost parts of his scattered spaceship. The game features 69 levels, three settings (Forest, Pond, Caves), and more than 350 collectibles and achievements. Players will find a mixture of side-scrolling action artistically crafted with bright landscapes and constantly evolving physical puzzles.
Eight fresh screenshots found their way in our gallery.