Warface Real-Time Weapon Customization Trailer

In Warface weapon customization can be done on the fly and it enables soldiers to change tactics on the run
Trion Worlds and Crytek have released a new video for Warface highlighting the real-time weapon customization feature that allows gamers to add and adjust accessories and attachments to weapons on the fly. Swapping between different scopes, muzzles, rails and other state of the art gadgets mid-game enable the Warface elite to aim better, strike faster, shoot farther and hit harder.
The game casts players as part of Warface, a select unit of elite warriors that have banded together to fight Blackwood - the ruling brute-force government. Featuring first-person shooter co-op and competitive multiplayer gameplay, with regularly added new content, Warface gives players plenty of level-up opportunities and various upgrades.
Warface is currently in beta and will be available as a free-to-play title later this year.

Warface on PC
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