Angry Birds Trilogy Fowl Tempered Pack Released and Screens

he birds are back in town
Along with these screenshots, Activision Publishing announced that the Fowl Tempered Pack, the second DLC (downloadable content) for Angry Birds Trilogy, is available for download now via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the PlayStation® Network. Drawing from fan-favorite episodes like Back to School, Bad Piggies, and Haunted Hogs, the Fowl Tempered Pack adds 135 new levels to the hundreds already included in Angry Birds Trilogy.
The new DLC also introduces a new feathered friend to the mix: Stella, the Pink Bird. This addition to the flock hides a cunning skill - when activated, she traps surrounding objects or enemies in a giant bubble, floating them gently toward the sky before crashing them back down to earth in a rain of destruction.