Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Kickstarter Campaign Underway and Screens

Legendary PC game designer and creator of the Ultima series plans to reinvent the fantasy RPG genre
Richard Garriott, award-winning game designer and creator of the Ultima series, today announced Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues, a new game in the works at Portalarium, Garriott's Austin-based game studio. Shroud of the Avatar will be a PC product available via digital download with episodic content available later for a charge. The game is being built to be enjoyed as a solo experience but it will also contain a persistent world where you can meet and share your experiences with friends both old and new.
The Kickstarter campaign page is located here. Backers have a chance to fund the project via multiple levels of giving, which are all documented on the Kickstarter page. One of the most anticipated pledge levels will include access to in-game player houses. Available in multiple sizes and styles, the houses provide players a chance to own their own virtual property in the game. Players can outfit their homes how they want, gather there with friends and potentially run their own business from their properties.
Fifteen screenshots found their way in our gallery.