The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition Released

Access Spidey's in-game cell phone via the GamePad to accept new challenges, navigate the city, and manage his upgrades
Activision and Marvel Entertainment have announced that The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition, a package which includes four bonus DLC packs for the first time on disc, is available now on Wii U. These DLC packs are: Stan Lee Adventure Pack - completely voiced by the Spider-Man creator himself, you'll play as Stan Lee and web-sling through NYC in a race across the city; Lizard Rampage Pack - you will take control of Dr. Connors' terrifying alter-ego in a race against time as you rampage through the streets as Lizard to defeat Oscorp guards; Rhino Challenge - you will rampage through NYC as the unstoppable Rhino and cause as much destruction as possible before the timer runs out; Oscorp Search and Destroy Pack - includes 2 mini-games through Spider-Man's in-game cell phone.
The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition also contains new suits, including the Vigilante suit from The Amazing Spider-Man movie and the Classic Spider-Man suit from the Raimi trilogy. Also, Off-screen Mode lets users swap instantly between playing on the big screen and the GamePad whenever they choose.