Shattered Haven Beta Underway and Screens

During the beta period, you can buy the game and get full access to the latest beta version for 25% off the usual $9.99 price tag
Arcen Games has announced the start of a beta test for Shattered Haven, a 2D top-down action adventure game for 1-2 players with some roguelike elements sprinkled in. Set in a world enveloped by the roaming Grays and various other violent creatures, players will have to rely on resourcefulness and quick-thinking to solve puzzles in frantic environments. They can utilize tools, traps, and weapons to clear all of the surrounding Grays across each of the 100+ hand-crafted levels. Along with a main campaign filled with twists and multiple endings, the game will also include dozens (if not hundreds) of bonus levels to play, a level editor, and more.
The beta will last through March 18th, when the 1.0 version will be launching. Four fresh screenshots found their way in our gallery.