God of War: Ascension Available Now in North America

The latest in the acclaimed fantasy action franchise explores the origins of Kratos' fury while delivering grand set pieces
Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) announced today that God of War: Ascension, developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS) Santa Monica Studio, creators of the God of War franchise, is available now across North America exclusively for PS3. God of War: Ascension tells the the origin story of Kratos, one of PlayStation's most recognizable characters. Following the tragic loss of his wife and daughter, Kratos embarks on a path of brutal revenge - armed with his legendary Blades of Chaos - in which he will face mythology's darkest creatures and overcome harrowing obstacles through a merciless quest for revenge and deliverance. With the World Weapon system, varied armaments dropped by certain monsters or found in the environment can also be wielded to inflict increased damage and discarded in devastating finishing moves.
The new suite of competitive and cooperative online play modes - Match of Champions, Team Favor of the Gods, Capture the Flag, and Trial of the Gods - allows up to 8 players (depending on mode) to battle together in the frantic, larger-than-life settings and arenas of the God of War universe.