UFO Aftermath Rebalance Mod

A new version of Rebalance mod for UFO Aftermath has been released, requiring the latest patch (v1.3) Be sure to check full article for details. GamersHell.com Local Download:
  • UFO Aftermath Rebalance Mod (17.9 MB)
  • A list of all changes the combo-mod contains i tried to compile a new readme. Here it is: Changes of the "old" RBmod: -Handguns and Pistols do more damage, this is intended to make them a real alternative to rifles in later game -Pistols reload and aim a little bit faster -Older Rifles (M4,G3,Ak47 and FN-FAL) do a bit more damage to make them an alternative to the Steyr Aug ,G11 and G36 -Their aim is a bit faster, too (not much) -Human rockets are 25% faster -Alien rockets are 20% slower and take more time to reload -Health Packs have a bigger capacity, but are heavier -Women are easier to hide, Males have more hitpoints to compensate for that -Generally all weapons which were obliterated in the original game when their improved model appeared, have now better burst, weight than the new models, so they are still useful and you have a real choice! -Rebalanced armours, too. Added Psi-Armours, you will get them later in the game like the other new equipment (new bases), they will NOT be available right from the start. -Smoke Grenades now right from the start -Added a heavy throwable charge -Added smokegrenades for the Superstrike -Added incendiarygrenades for the Superstrike -Added flares for the M79 -Added Core-munition for the normal Shotgun (not for the Neostad or CAWS, so you have a reason to carry the "old" gun) -The Scorpion is a one-hand weapon now, but is less accurate because of it. -Added another type of munition to the Uzi (not to other MP's, to make the "old" weapon more attractive, but maybe in later versions of the mod) -Added a Melee weapon: The Shocker! It knocks out the enemy four times longer than the PSI-Stinger, doesn't need Psi-Research, BUT you have to get VERY close, this means it's a contact weapon. Muahaha that thing rocks -Added a flashbang grenade that disables your enemies for a short time. Not as long as the Psi-Stinger but covers a area. Coool! -Added a Berserker-Armour. It withstands a great deal of fire and you can even run in it, but it is heavy as hell , you can't heal anybody inside AND you can't use GYRO-Weapons in it, despite the look!! Go bust'em!! -Most of the new equipment is NOT available from the start, it shows up later in the game. But maybe you can use the "allitems" cheat to take a look at it -Alien "disabling" attacks (Chrysalis etc.) have been weakened. -Added a heavy PSI-Controller -Corrected the flashbang-video and -size -Corected size of Scorpion in Equipment -Adjusted Superstriker Incendiary Ammo -Added the Megapol Autocannon from Xcom Apocalpse. (as i had no new model and graphics i had to reuse files already in the game).It can fire three different ammos: Normal "soft" bullets, HE-rounds and Incendiary-rounds. -Weakened the Slimethrowers weapon a tiny bit. -Added a Gaussgun, a very strange human weapon from those Xcom labs -Added additional ammotypes for the M82 and the Falcon. -Added a nanotech health-grenade, it heals units in a small area, when deployed -Added Toxic-Gas-Grenade and Plasma Grenade (both ideas of Llama8) -Adjusted some weapon ranges -Added some graphics and textures for weapons -AND added two cyborgs (1 male, 1 female) to the crewpool! They have their own sounds and skins! They still have human parts, so they can be trained and leveled-up. -Added a new armour to the game start. It has good resistances against "earth" weapons, but none to energy weapons. -Added some sounds. -as the 1.3 patch finally adjusted several things i remade the weapon stats of the weapons and equipment added by the mod. -New weapons: Xm-8, G-41, Sawnoff Shotgun, Minilauncher, Magnum Revolver, Decker-Gun (from Blade runner) , Gammashotgun and -rifle, Saiga 12 shotgun, AK-101 -Cyborgs work now, just start a game and there they are -All new stuff has it's own icon -The Berzerk armour has its own texture!!! -New enemy : The Deepone from TFTD -Added the BFG9000, a knife, and the OICW! TheBFG9000 will become available after the research of the Warp resonator and then win a new base. With a bit of luck you'll get one. -Adjusted some damages (e.g. Flare has a damage now, albeit a small one. ) -Added an icon for EVERY ammotype! That was some work i can tell you! -completely redesigned the BFG9000, now it's more like the original one from Doom -added the NUKER, a small tactical nuclear weapon. -Added another ammo type for the SLAW -OICW sounds changed. -adjusted armor-stats, made the BERZERK armor easier to get. -added a Laser-sniper-rifle. VERY accurate, relative small damage -added a Warp-Sniper-rifle with small-range-burst-mode. -Changed one ammo-icon for the OICW. -Added depleted uranium rocket for the RPG7, which harms an area with radiation for some seconds. (Be careful where you wander, radiation is invisible) -Changed several icons. -Uzi is a singlehand weapon now, too. A bit less accurate therefore. -Added the laser gatling (ideas, graphics etc. by fnurg) -A bit more ammo and range for the BFG9000. -Nuker covers a bit larger area -New weapon added: Warp destroyer II. Better range, more shots, BUT less damage. -SAWNOFF accuracy improved. -Shocker has now range comparable to shotgun, but has 10 shots only and decreased duration (still plenty enough) -Changed icons for ammo of Autocannon a bit. -Added burst mode to Plasmashotguns to make them stronger (most later aliens have high resistance against Plasma so they weren't really useful) -Nanotech and Shocker size corrected (smaller now) -Weight of decker-magazin corrected -C4 size corrected. -OICW works now correct. -Magnum and Decker gun adjusted. -Changed texture for advanced heavy armour. -Added a powerful new pistol for the later missions: The Needler. -Changed M4 to M4/grenade launcher combo. -Changed some of the new icons to keep the general UFO:AM style -Added a Gun similar to the one used by the soldiers in Alien2, it has a flamer and a minigun. The flamer fires VERY longlasting ammo, ideal to block corridors etc. The minigun has an VERY high accuracy , but limited range. (to reflect the auto-aiming device). As this weapon is very strong, you'll need a heavy armour to use it. -Added hypnogas-grenade, this will break PSI-control of own soldiers and hypnotize (psicontrol) reticulans (NOT TESTED!!!!!) -Several weapons improved (a2gun (small damage was due a typo!), bfg9000, WardestroyerII, nanotech, gaussgun, knife) -Added the BFG4500, a pistol version of the BFG9000, you'll like it -Change icons for m4 and Ak47 a tiny bit. And textues for the Ak47. -Made Browning pistol a silenced weapon. (small issue: at the impact area a small column of smoke appears for ~2 seconds) -Added the Hoverrocketlauncher. It fires a VERY slow projectile, that let's you enough time to take cover. Which you will need, as it's damage is incredible -Added the PSI-Burner (It does NOT fire through walls like other psi-weapons) -Added the Lurkergun -Changed the SAW to appear in the Handgunsection, this way you won't get 60+ of them -Corrected icon size for the Magnum and the silenced Browning pistol -Made the smoke grenade available from the start. (infinite) -fixed the icon for the second rpg7-ammo -removed the deepone !!!! -Made the conventional armour have a different texture in the tactical missions. -Corrected a feature skipped by Altar (due to time-shortage): You can now see difference betweend regular and advanced alien weapons in the 3dview during missions. They used to have the same texture. -Corrected some minor issues (sizes, weights etc.) e.g. the icon of the Minilauncher -Added Halfretis (with own voice), Cyborgs and soldiers with camo-painted faces to the crew-pool. (cyborgs will NOT longer replace the tutorial guys !!) You will not see too many of them the new crewmembers are only ~12 and the whole crewpool exists of ~120 units, so the probability is about 10% tha a new unit is one of them. -Fixed the size of the SLAW-ammo -Fixed the production-"bug" -Made Hover a bit faster -Made blue and red armours color a bit "milder" in the inventory screen -Redid the colour of the "standard" armours to make it look more realistic, more "military" -Added different eyes for cyborgs and a small easteregg or two -Gave the SNIPER more ammo and a tiny bit more damage -Made the Lurkergun a bit weaker (Lurker will hate me for that, but it REALLY was too strong) -Made the psiblaster a bit "blue-ish" to make it look similar to the psiburner's style -Gave the GammaParticleThrower more ammo -Made the Hover have more range and speed -The Autocannon has more range now and isn't as heavy as before -Changed the Lurkerguns animation -Removed the bug which made some equipment unable to appear. -The Ak101 is stronger now and has more range. And is a bit faster. -Remade the armours texture (again ) -Made radiation of the depleted uranium ammo for the RPG7 last much longer. -Gave Railsniper a bit more ammo -Psi-Burner has more ammo now and a burst-mode -Reworked the graphical effect of the Hover explosion (better framerates) -Changed icon for one of the A2Gun's ammos -Gave Warp Destroyer double ammo, a very fast 2-shot burst mode, a bit more range and another animation. Reduced it's damage a bit. -Gave Warp resonator more ammo and better accuracy in burst mode. -Corrected the warpmedipack-video (Thx, Manus!) -Added Mutons to the crewpool with voices (Beware: Their armour is living tissue and dies when you take it off, so you can't put it on other troops!!!) I tried to include the same weaknesses the armour had in the original Xcom-games (AP+laser+psi+stun) and the same strengths (Soft ammo, incendiary etc.) -Added the Popper from Xcom Apocalypse (beware it has bite attacks, which it will use for single units and an explosion attack for groups). Clever AI, wow. It will be identified by the game as a Chomper, but you will recognize it It is a bit more vulnerable than the Chomper, but deadlier, too. -Added the Spitter from Xcom Apocalypse. It will be recognized by the game as Cudgel, but you will recognize it by it's skin and sounds -Added sectoids from Xcom. Well, one and a half Mr. Slooz is replaced by a sectoid , and there is a hybrid in your crewpool. -Changed armour stats for the muton armour (thx Lurker) and those for the sectoids and greys. -Corrected typos and unused entries (big thx, Manus) -Added Pancor Jackhammer -Added Molotov cocktail -Added a power armour similar to the Berzerk armour, but a bit weaker. -Added toxingrenade for the M79 -Changed some icons and textures to make it easier to recognize thta weapons (BFG9000, WarpDestroyerII, Lurkergun) Thx, Lurker! -Removed the Nuker from the alien loadout as a graphical glitch made it "crawl" on the floor -Removed the RPG-7 from the alien loadout due to a bug (thx Lurker) -Fixed the Superstriker, Autocannon, Flamethrower as their burst mode didn't work correctly (Big thx, Kret and Chenjesu!) -Raised reload time on M4 and OICW (thx for the tip, Najera) -Weakened BFG4500 a tiny bit, Strenghtened the BFG9000 -Changed Lurkergun to have a burst- and aimed-fire mode. -Added a new reticulan enemy, he has either a very good meleeweapon or a HEAVYPSI. This guy is extremely tough. (his weaknesses are his small numbers and his small resistance against fire.) -Improved accuracy for burstmode of Lurkergun. -Added an advanced lurkergun, called LURKERGUNII with a camo-texture and the stats of the first ever released lurkergun (v.5.6). -Changed the look of the Railsniper to something "Zebra"-like. Changed the damage, capacity and ammo for the PlasmaShotgun and the advanced Plasmashotgun to make them more powerful (thx Kret for the calculations and tips) -Changed GammaFlakGun in a similar manner -Added the WarpTargetDesignator and the TNT from Fulby ! (Big thx for that Fulby!) - include edited RBmod weapon models and the Spitter. -The powerarmour and the Berzerkarmour will come later in the game, the first will be a tiny bit weaker. -Some other weapons were tweaked, the lasergatling has more ammo, the Bfg9000 is less powerful. (not much) Here the part of the Combomod, made by BlackAlmaz and TYR: -new flamethrower model -new oicw model -new glock model -new mp5 model -new chainsaw model -added smg -pulse rifle..in the hk115 slot-has 99 bullets and is balnced -new helmets, i wanted to add my armours..but i preferred to leave that for my mod (AvP-Mod) -instead of a colt-45, i made a beret 92-fs-with 15 bullets doing 48 damage -all calibers do the same the same damage -9mm-48 damage -sev.fifty-40 damage-but has very good range -0.50-200 damage -5.72-68 damage -7.62-76-78 damage -10mm-56-burn demdge -snipers 200-600 damge -flamethrower has 2 meters more range and lasts a bit longer -i made the Oicw shoot 4-5 bullets..but it still kills way better than any other gun.that would use burst -made the saw, more balanced and gave it a tech level of 5, it has now 100 bullets wich is a tectical advantige on the street -smgs are given a high rate of fire -rifles are given higher range -launchers given higher range, but thats it Just copy the file into your main Aftermath folder and start a NEW (important!) game, that's it. To uninstall, just delete the file. This Mod was made for version 1.3 of the game. have fun!