Legion iPad Version Released

First in series of classical wargames made available
Slitherine today announced the launch of the iPad version of Legion, a turn-based strategy game set in ancient Rome where players build their small nation in to a mighty empire through diplomacy and conquest. Every map, unit and feature from the original is included so players will have the complete experience.
Legion features more than 20 nations of the Roman Empire era that can be opponents or allies to the player. A detailed economy has players managing their cities, allocating their workers, controlling production, building fortresses and training armies in their pursuit of victory. Players are treated to a game full of historical accuracy, with units, weapons, maps, and scenarios modeled to accurately represent this period of ancient history and warfare. You can also watch massive battles fought out when too armies meet.
To celebrate the launch announcement, the game is half price for the first 2 weeks - $4.99/2.99/3.99.