Fathom Kickstarter Campaign Underway and Screens

Discover the truth behind the myth of Atlantis in a new steampunk adventure
In the works at IronSun Studio for Windows 7/8, Fathom is a 2.5D underwater action-adventure combining the very best of puzzle solving and exploration all wrapped in a Steampunk environment. Fathom has you playing the role of Nathaniel Lockhart, a shipwrecked Victorian adventurer of the 1870's who is lost at sea in the Caribbean. Lockart has no memories of the events surrounding the shipwreck, but has visions of a mysterious design for an underwater craft called the Bathysphere and recurring nightmares of a mysterious craft that violently attacked his vessel leading to the shipwreck. Obsessed with the idea that this is the only way he can find answers to the mystery, Lockart pools his resources to build the machine and mounts an expedition back to the murky waters that haunt his every thought. Lockhart must build and master the mysterious underwater craft and ultimately take control of Atlantis, repairing the broken machines of the Atlanteans and solving their ancient puzzles to uncover the mystery.
Fathom has a strong focus on puzzle solving, from pick up and drop offs to brain teasing riddles. The idea is that you get to enjoy drifting through a beautiful environment, solving puzzles ranging from child’s-play to hair pullers. The Kickstarter campaign page is located here - seven screenshots found their way in our gallery.