Top Spin Demo

Atari has released a playable demo for Top Spin an online tennis game developed by Power and Magic Development and released by Microsoft on Xbox last year. Thanks: 3DGamers. The PC version will be identical to the Xbox one, allowing players to create and train their own tennis star and then compete online against other players or against 16 professionals, including Anna Kournikova and Lleyton Hewitt. For details about the game, read our review for Xbox version. Local Download:
  • Top Spin Demo (230 MB)
  • Microsoft Game Studios today announced its first tennis title for the XboxTM video game system is in development. Developed by Power and Magic Developments, "Top Spin," an Xbox exclusive and Xbox LiveTM enabled tennis experience, will offer gamers and tennis fans a pulse-pounding glimpse into professional tennis. Although "Top Spin" will feature 16 tennis superstars, gamers can create their own tennis personalities and characters to achieve superstardom. Will you slam your racket to the ground? Argue a bad call? "Top Spin" challenges each player to master all the shots including slices, lobs, drops and spins while playing on various surfaces including clay, hard court and grass. Xbox Live enabled, "Top Spin" is truly a global tennis experience. Play against the best and climb the worldwide ladders to achieve the much-coveted No. 1 online ranking. Along the way, "Top Spin" encourages you to take risks to beat your opponent. Just like on the real courts, players are searching for "the Zone", where every forehand, backhand and overhead slam overpowers the individual on the other side of the net. "Tennis games have always been lacking the intensity and realism of playing on centre court," said Matthew Seymour, product manager for Microsoft Game Studios. "Top Spin,' with all of it features and gameplay, is the complete tennis experience for all gamers who want nothing less than the world's No. 1 ranking. It is an excellent addition to an already stacked line-up of sports titles exclusive for Xbox"
    Top Spin Demo (229.55MB)