Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Console Versions Dated and Screens

The reinvented cult-classic will be available later this month
Along with these screenshots, bitComposer Entertainment announced that Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, a new adaptation of the 1980s classic created by Black Forest Games, will be available for Xbox 360 via Xbox LIVE Arcade on March 14th, 2013. The PS3 version will launch via PlayStation Network on March 20th.
In Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, the player accompanies the two very dissimilar sisters on a journey to a fantastic world in which the sisters' different abilities are the key to solving puzzles and defeating terrible monsters. Giana transforms herself with lightning speed to solve puzzles or make use of special abilities. With each transformation, her environment changes too - and only players who skillfully apply the right strategy can complete tricky levels and defeat nasty end-bosses.