Mage's Initiation Demo Released

Master spells, battle foes, and quest forth in this full-length game
The team behind AGD Interactive/Himalaya Studios has released a playable demo for Mage's Initiation, a role-playing/adventure game hybrid, very similar in style and execution to Sierra On-Line's classic Quest for Glory series. The game has a fantasy setting and features multiple playable character classes, spells, and an open-field magical combat system, complete with equipable items and monster loot drops.
You assume the role of D'arc, a sixteen-year-old Initiate who must complete a trio of tasks set by his Mage Masters. You will journey through the medieval-styled realm of Iginor. Brave a goblin-infested forest. And you will navigate a vast lake to encounter an evil so pure, not even beauty can disguise it.
The Kickstarter campaign page can be found here.