Ace of Spades Free Weekend Announced

Combine construction, combat and creativity to take out the enemy in an entirely destructible world this weekend
Jagex has announced that its shooter, Ace of Spades will be free to try this weekend - from now until 20:00 GMT on Sunday 17th March, players are invited to experience Jagex’s creative shooter at no cost. Ace of Spades will also be available half the normal price on Steam until Monday 17:00 GMT.
Ace of Spades is a retro-looking intelligent creative shooter that gives players complete strategic freedom over a battlefield they can evolve and built on throughout a game session. The game provides players with all the 'world-building' freedom of a voxel-based sandbox, but with the addition of competitive, team-based multiplayer FPS gunplay featuring up to 32 players,
Creativity is key to succeeding in Ace of Spades as the game gives players the freedom to construct anything from simple bunkers to elaborate fortresses and tunnel networks. This adds a new and innovative component to the game giving players unrestricted freedom to plan their own battles, construct purpose-built defences, and adapt the environment in real-time, changing the course of the battle.