DoveZ New Demo

German developer Intergenies has released a new playable demo of DoveZ, the upcoming R-Type-like 2d arcade shooter. "Test your skills in a dangerous jungle world and fight your way through the incoming hostile waves". The soundtrack of the game, composed by Boris 'Toxeen' Nonte (Gothic 2, The Fall) is available as well. DoveZ will be released across Germany (by Magnussoft), Europe and Asia in September 2004 (by Xing Interactive). The release in North America will follow soon. Local Download:
  • DoveZ New Demo (16.3 MB)
  • DoveZ Soundtrack (49.2 MB)
  • There was a world, which let the sun shine. In action of the global coalitions and all world power, has the earth been rescued of the alien invasion. Project DOVE was successful. After war, the ship has been transported to zone 4. The sun broke through the clouds till the day, when the world schould know, that the war is not over. This is the year 2157. The science passed big impovements. But are we ready to fight? The technic opened us the way to the stars. The earth is under secure of many orbital stations. Old legends tell us that the end of the human being is near. But we are still feeling secured. During that, the work in the lost Mountains in Zone 4 has been continued. An ambitious scientist, a faithful assistent and the daredevil testpilot developed three new fightingships. The Project DoveZ will decide wheather we will alive. Your task is to fight the enemy! For the human being - for the earth - to win! Features: * 3 different playerships * individual and innovativ weaponsystem for each ship - sattelite and shopsystem - specialweapons and upgrades * audiovisual radiomessages * Cutscenes * many different, exciting scenerys - space - underwater - city and industrial - ice covered planets * different whether effects like snow, rain, sun etc. * 3D accelerated graphics
    DoveZ New Demo (16.3MB)

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