Chasing Aurora Demo Released

The first game in a series of 2D aerial action games about the dream of flight
Developed by Broken Rules for Wii U, Chasing Aurora is a multiplayer game that allows up to 5 people to cooperate or compete against each other on one couch. Multiplayer modes allow asynchronous gameplay by putting the Wii U GamePad player in a special role. The game features birds, rocks, mountains, icicles, lightning, fire, rockslides and a mysterious pendant called Aurora's Gem.
A free demo is available now in the Nintendo eShop offering the multiplayer game mode Freeze Tag and four single player challenges. The demo can be played by 1-5 players.
To celebrate the demo and the update Broken Rules are running a sale in the eShop. Chasing Aurora is 50% off ($7.49 / 5.99 / 5.39) until 21st March.