Screens #2: Street Racing Syndicate

Our gallery has been updated with new screenshots of Street Racing Syndicate, showcasing this upcoming street racing game in the works at Eutechnyx Ltd. The game offers 50 officially licensed damageable vehicles, hundreds of after market parts, roaming police cruisers, an in-game dyno that measures actual peak torque and horsepower in real-time and 18 of the import scene’s hottest female models. Street Racing Syndicate will be published by Namco on August 31th for PS2, GC and Xbox.
Nights filled with high-risk, nitrous-injected, illegal racing on real city streets. Money and respect always on the line. Cops lurking behind every sharp turn. Customizing cars with authentic parts, cool paint, and anything else bought or won from sanctioned or illegal races. From hot cars with lifelike physics and damage, to beautiful models picked from the pages of today’s top import magazines, SRS delivers the adrenaline-filled world of street racing! Introducing the most authentic street racing experience ever in a video game. SRS features the hottest rides on asphalt including real licensed vehicles ripped from the authentic world of street racing. Customize cars with authentic aftermarket parts, paint jobs and anything else that can be bought or won from competitors. The performance of these tricked-out street machines has been modeled realistically with lifelike physics and authentic damage effects. Everything is up for grabs as players put their reputations on the line for money, pinks, and even the affections of the babes of rival street racers. From hot cars to beautiful girls, with booming bass, big bets and both sanctioned and illegal events, SRS is the only game that offers the rush of living in the real world of street racing. If it’s on the streets, it’s in the game! Features: • RACE FOR MONEY, PINK SLIPS AND MORE. Progress through the streets of L.A., Philly and Miami; earning cash, respect, and the affections of real world street racing models. • EXTENSIVE CUSTOMIZATION. Customize licensed vehicles with detailed licensed after-market parts and hundreds of graphics upgrades. • REALISTIC DAMAGE. Poor racing will damage vehicles...and cost money to repair. • COMBINES OPEN CITY AND CLOSED TRACKS. Featuring unprecedented freedom allowing players to exit races to escape from the police. • UNPRECENDENTED INTERNET PLAY. Takes street racing to the limit online.