Vexillum Released and Demo/Screens

Vexillum is a free multiplayer Capture the Flag game with guns, swords, and ninja rope
Developed by Buildism, Vexillum is a fast-paced Capture the Flag game that mixes elements of side-scrolling battle games like Worms and Soldat. Players fight in realtime in destructible maps, aiming to capture the enemy's flag while protecting theirs. There are currently 3 weapons (a rocket launcher, sword, and SMG) and more are planned to be added.
Vexillum is designed to be customized; players can host servers with custom maps and game settings. Map making is easily done with an image editing program and the included tools. Simple controls make the game easy to learn, but the grappling hook and destroyable terrain make more advanced strategies possible through teamwork.
Vexillum is available now for free - the game is locally mirrored along with five screenshots.