Dishonored Knife of Dunwall DLC Release Date and Screens

Second game add-on content arrives next month
Bethesda Softworks has announced that Knife of Dunwall, the second DLC (downloadable content) for Dishonored, the first-person action game developed by Arkane Studios, will launch on April 16th, for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. It includes new powers, weapons and gadgets - you can call upon the Whalers to assist in combat with Summon Assassin, track down hidden Runes and Bone Charms with Void Gaze and learn to use new variations to powers, including Blink. To aid in your dangerous exploits your customized arsenal of weapons and gadgets will include Chokedust to daze your enemies, whale oil powered Stun Mines to shock your targets, and a concealed Wristbow to launch sleep darts and explosive bolts.
Three screenshots found their way in our gallery.