Carnage Heart EXA Released and Screens

Carnage Heart EXA puts its players into the role of combat mech creators, designing their robots and actions from the ground up
Releasing these fresh screenshots, Natsume today announced that Carnage Heart EXA, a combat mech title developed for PSP, is available to purchase via PlayStation Network. Mixing high levels of customization via programming with a hardcore strategy RPG system, the game also allows players to save their battles as movie files, which they can then share over the Internet.
Like many tactical RPGs, Carnage Heart EXA is divided into modes when playing. Plot sections advance the game's story and give players insight into the characters of the Carnage Heart. Then players dive into combat during Briefing sections, where goals are established and enemies fought. Players can choose the OKE's hardware, including items like weapons, armor thickness, and plenty more. You can program the OKE's software, change its coloring, add an emblem, and give it a unique name.