Indie MashUp Bundle Released

Five per cent of Bundle Stars' profits go to the charity SpecialEffect which helps children and adults with severe disabilities to play computer games
Bundle Stars today launched the Indie MashUp Bundle, a collection of mold-breaking indie games and classic studio-developed games. Paying any amount above 1 will get you Jazz: Trump's Journey (Windows/Mac/DRM-free) and StarDrone (Windows/DRM-free/Desura). Paying any amount above 3.94 will unlock 6 more games, all redeemable on Steam: Tank Universal (Windows/Steam), Vigil: Blood Bitterness (Windows/Steam), Chrome (Windows/Steam), Still Life (Windows/Steam), Still Life 2 (Windows/Steam), and Crash Time 2 (Windows/Steam).
The games in this bundle are worth around 65 when bought separately. All the games are Windows-compatible, and Jazz: Trump's Journey is Mac-compatible, too. Steam keys are provided for all of the games except Jazz (DRM-free) and StarDrone (DRM-free and Desura key).