Arma 3 Second Community Guide Video Released

Bohemia Interactive has joined forces with one of its community members to create a series of tutorial videos
In support of the Arma 3 Alpha and Arma 3 Alpha Lite, Bohemia Interactive has released a brand new episode in their official Community Guide video series. The second video, locally mirrored, takes a closer look at infantry combat – providing insights on the principles of situational awareness, positioning, enemy contact and shooting.
Arma 3 is now in Alpha testing providing players with the opportunity to try out a limited, work-in-progress build of Arma 3 and contribute to its development by reporting feedback. In comparison to the full game, the playable and sandbox content in the Arma 3 Alpha is considerably limited. It includes 4 singleplayer showcase missions, a subset of weapons and vehicles, 2 multiplayer scenarios, the scenario editor and modding support. The Alpha is set on the island of Stratis (20 km˛), while the full game will feature over 290 km˛ of Mediterranean terrain.

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