Fire Emblem Awakening Demo Dated

Command your forces in turn-based tactical battles and help prevent a dark future in the kingdoms of Ylisse and Plegia, only on Nintendo 3DS
A playable demo of Fire Emblem Awakening will be released on March 28th, allowing you to try out this 3DS game set to arrive in Europe on April 19th, Nintendo announced. In Fire Emblem: Awakening, you can create your own character and take him or her on a role-playing adventure. You will join Prince Chrom and the Shepherds and you must calm the animosity between the kingdoms of Ylisse and Plegia which threaten to turn into war, whilst hordes of undead rise to endanger the world. As commander of your army, you must devise a plan to rout and crush your enemies in turn-based battles utilising the unique skills of your units. Battles between units are shown as cinematic scenes where you can choose the camera position, for instance to see your finishing blow from a first-person perspective.
The classic Fire Emblem feature of characters being permanently eliminated if they are defeated in combat is back. However there is the Newcomer Mode where fallen heroes can return to fight in the next battle for RPG fans who want to get into the series. In addition, you can enjoy lush 3D cutscenes which are fully voiced in English or Japanese, utilise a new tactic where strategically placed characters on the battlefield build Support which increases their relationships and teamwork, and take on the new co-op challenges where you and a friend can connect your Nintendo 3DS and games together locally and take turns in defeating extraordinary enemies.