Silent Hunter Online New Backstage Trailer and Screens

David and Stephan from the Silent Hunter Online team give you first insights on the dynamic campaign in Silent Hunter Online
Ubisoft has released a new Silent Hunter Online movie, this time highlighting the Dynamic Campaign and Wolfpack Mission features in this free-to-play, browser-based multiplayer game inspired by the Silent Hunter submarine simulation series. The Dynamic Campaign is an overarching phased meta-game within Silent Hunter allowing all players to dynamically contribute to the larger war effort: control of the Atlantic. The game will launch with only a single phase of the Atlantic campaign unlocked. Players will need to cooperate as a community to unlock subsequent campaigns and secondary objectives. The SHO Allied Forces A.I. can and WILL retake theaters, which will also require the community to respond defensively.
Wolfpack Missions are essentially co-op gameplay with friends. Players can invite their friends or other SHO community members to partake in any single player missions they encounter. Because the Silent Hunter campaign is dynamic and ever changing players will regularly encounter missions that will provide greater rewards with co-op help.
Seven fresh screenshots found their way in our gallery.