Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box Update Launched and Screens/Trailer

Enter a world of challenging fun and sweet graphics
NCSOFT and ArenaNet today announcing that a new free update is available now to all Guild Wars 2 players turning the world of Tyria into a 1980s-style videogame. The Super Adventure Box update features yhree levels full of pogo mushrooms, platform puzzles, bunny tornadoes, and more. You will earn "baubles" by slaying varmints and exploring the virtual world of the Super Adventure Box. You can exchange baubles for weapons and skills by talking to the shopkeepers inside the Box, or redeem your baubles for special Super Adventure Box weapon skins from asuran inventor, Moto.
Accessible in-game by visiting Moto, in the asuran capital of Rata Sum, the Super Adventure Box will be available for one month from today, the 1st April, 2013. A batch of screenshots and a short video have been added in our download section.