Ecol Tactics Online Open Beta Begins and Screens

Play today for a chance at an iPad Mini and more prizes
Along with these ten fresh screenshots, GamesCampus announced the start of the open beta test of Ecol Tactics Online, a turn-based browser strategy MMORPG where players recruits mercenaries and defeat evil monsters; you will customize your skill builds and gather a diverse cast of characters and prepare for war against evil hordes of monsters and their creator.
Events during the open beta include the "Flowers for Philo Spring Event", where players gather flowers from monsters and turn them in for a unique wrath hat or bouquets, both of which have a chance to gift players premium cash shop items, a preview of things to come during the game's official launch.
In addition, GoCash teamed up with GamesCampus to bring players two special events. First, the race is on to hit level 30. All users who reach Level 30 will receive a reward in their in game mail, and the first player to reach level 30 will win an iPad Mini. Players can also log in daily to collect Stamps. These stamps can be turned in immediately for smaller rewards including EXP Boosts, BP Hourclasses, or saved for the Grand Prize: Mercenary Expansion contracts.