Voodoo Chronicles: First Sign PS3 Version Released in Europe

Over 50 scenes to investigate, numerous puzzles, oodles of hidden objects to find, and a captivating story told through cut scenes and voice acting
Sanuk Games today announced that Voodoo Chronicles: First Sign, a hidden object adventure game developed by Space Monkey International and previously released for PC, is available now in the European PlayStation Store for PS3. In the game, you must help out James Voodoo as he investigates mysterious attacks through the forsaken hamlet of Ravenhill, the wealthy city of Richtown, and a variety of breathtaking sceneries inspired by major fiction genres: adventure, film noir, thriller, steam punk, and more.
The PS3 edition of the game comes in a sumptuous high-definition edition with native 1080p graphics as well as with supports for DualShock and PlayStation Move.