GLBenchmark 2.7 and DXBenchmark 2.7 Released

GLBenchhmark 2.7 and DXBenchmark 2.7 provide tools for cross-platform 3D graphics benchmarking on all major consumer platforms
Kishonti Informatics has announced the availability of the community version of GLBenchmark 2.7 on Android (available for download on Google Play) and DXBenchmark 2.7 (available for download on Windows Phone Store and for Windows 8 and Windows RT). This applications let users measure and compare OpenGL (ES) and DirectX/Direct3D performance scores across various devices with Android, iOS and Windows operating systems.
Rendering the same T-Rex HD and Egypt HD scenes, GLBenchmark 2.7 and DXBenchmark 2.7 make the direct comparison of OpenGL (ES) and DirectX/Direct3D implementations possible for the first time ever. Both benchmarks contain high-level 3D animations (T-Rex HD and Egypt HD) and low-level graphics measurements as well.