Another World 20th Anniversary Edition Released and Screens

A pioneer action/platformer that released across more than a dozen platforms since its debut in 1991
Along with these screenshots, Focus Home Interactive announced that Another World 20th Anniversary Edition, a remastered version of Another World, is available now via Steam, thanks to the combined efforts of visionary conceptor of the original game Eric Chahi and developer DotEmu. Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition offers new, high-definition graphics that stay true to the original style of the game, and remastered sound effects
The game also offers a few bonus surprises: 3 difficulty modes so players can play the game in its original difficulty, in an easier mode, or for the most skilled gamers, in a mode even more difficult than the original. In addition, hardcore fans can play the adventure with the original graphics.
Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition is also comes with the Development Journal and the Video Making-off, that will let you discover how this edition has been created.