Papo & Yo PC Pre-Order Bonus Unveiled

PC gamers can order Papo & Yo before launch on April 18 to receive discount and free soundtrack download
ndependent game development studio Minority Media announced that the PC version of Papo & Yo is now available internationally for pre-order on Steam, Amazon and other PC-based direct download platforms. Until the PC launch on April 18, 2013, gamers can pre-order the game to receive 10 percent off the $14.99 purchase price and a free copy of the Papo & Yo original soundtrack (OST).
Based on Creative Director Vander Caballero's childhood in South America, Papo & Yo follows a young boy, Quico, and his best friend Monster, a mostly-friendly beast with razor-sharp teeth. Monster loves Quico but has a serious problem: an addiction to poisonous frogs, which, when eaten, drive him into a murderous rage from which no one, even Quico, is safe. As Quico, players adventure through a mystical world, manipulating the environment to open up new paths and move forward on their quest to cure Monster of his addiction and save him from the greatest danger of all: himself.
Upgrades to Papo & Yos PC release include improved graphics and visual effects, improved controls, improved character animation and cinematics, more robust gameplay, full controller support for Steam Big Picture mode and multi-monitor support.