Spellirium Available for Pre-Order

Spellirium was partially funded by the Ontario government
Untold Entertainment today announced that those who pre-order Spellirium will receive the alpha version of the game (which is about two-thirds complete) as well as some digital rewards. Spellirium is a word puzzle/point n' click graphic adventure game mash-up, in the spirit of Puzzle Quest. Players spell words to solve challenges and to win battles against creatures using the SpellCaster, a 7x7 grid of letter tiles that can impact reality with the words it spells. To shear a sheep, players must spell words synonymous with cutting (shear, trim, chop, buzz, denude). To dye the resulting wool, they must build words using only the red tiles in the grid. To spin the wool into yarn, they must build words across, down, back and up in a circular motion to turn the spinning wheel. Creature combat is equally clever and varied: one monster can only be defeated by spelling palindromes (kayak, mom, ewe) and another big-eared creature can only be damaged by spelling onomatopoeia (crash, bang, boom).
Spellirium is scheduled to release later this year, for PC and Mac.