The Last Door First Episode Released and Screens

Pilot Chapter, called The Letter, is currently available for Kickstarter backers, but it will become free for everyone in May 2013, when Chapter Two releases
Releasing these screenshots, Spanish indie developer The Game Kitchen has announced the availability of The Letter, the first chapter of The Last Door, an episodic horror adventure game. The story begins in 1891, when the main character receives a mysterious letter from his old friend Anthony with a strange request. On the Pilot Chapter, we visit his family mansion and find out that its inhabitants have all suffered a series of terrible misfortunes. From then on, our protagonist finds himself involved in a story of occultism and unspeakable secrets - intrinsically related to the new ways of science and philosophy that was starting to bloom at the time. Only the bravest of souls will be able to face what’s behind this mystery without losing their sanity.