Age of Wushu Launched in North America

New PC game from Snail Games opens to North American players; special retail edition available April 23
Snail Games today announced that Age of Wushu, a martial arts MMORPG developed for PC, has gone live in the United States. Players will master various martial arts disciplines as they explore ancient China and visit actual landmarks, including the Wudang Mountain Gate, the Xian Bell Tower, the Gobi Desert and Shaolin Temple, along with the ancient Yanjing (now Beijing) and Jinling (now Nanjing) cities. As players adventure through the game world, they can enroll in one of eight schools, each with their own unique fighting style and rules. During the course of their journey, players will learn different external and internal skills to help them battle enemies. They will also use a unique combat system based on the strict logic of real-world martial arts.
A Special Retail Edition of the game will be available on April 23, 2013 for $19.99 (MSRP) at GameStop and select retailers. The Special Retail Edition will contain more than $80 of in-game bonuses, including access to the exclusive, single player zone, "Twilight Village Adventure", which lets players train with martial arts legend Jet Li. In this zone, players gain Cultivation points and new abilities as they fight alongside Jet Li, playing the role of a reformed bandit, in rescuing villagers from attacks, fires and more.